23 Fun Activities To Do With Your Son That Will Bring You Closer

23 Fun Activities To Do With Your Son That Will Bring You Closer

23 Fun Activities To Do With Your Son That Will Bring You Closer

With three kids including a set of twins, trying to squeeze in individual time with each child is hard, but absolutely necessary. Mom & Son and Dad & Son time is extra important to the relationship we are working to build with each of our kids, and especially the one boy we’re raising in a house full of girls.


Whatever you like to call it: a “Mother & Son Date” or “Dad & Son Outing,” these 23 fun activities to do with your son, give you a range of options that are immeasurable to the confidence of your child and strength of your relationship


The one-on-one time with each child, is beneficial to the parent-child relationship for many reasons. It gives you an opportunity to teach your child how to communicate, share many memorable experiences together and the solo time makes them feel important and special.


Building healthy sibling relationships are important, as are positive family dynamics, but the solo time that you create with your children, is special time to get to know one-another on a deeper level and strengthen your relationship.


Fun Activities to do with Your Son That Will Strengthen Your Bond
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Establish the habit of one-on-one time with your kids while they’re young.


When they are older, you’ll have spent the time to build a strong foundation for your kids to openly communicate their feelings, and of trust and connection with each parent. When they face peer situations, struggles or hardships, a strong parent-child relationship will be a source of comfort and help.


Some Signs that your son needs their own time with Mom or Dad outside of the house and away from his siblings:

  • Attention seeking behavior: clinginess, seeking affection, alternatively… increase in bad behavior for attention such as whining, fighting, actions that incite discipline, tantrums, etc.
  • Complain that you don’t “pay attention” or you “never spend time with me”
  • Act jealous of another sibling and attention they get from you (whether it’s praise, a compliment, interest, playtime, etc.)
  • An increase in acting out
  • An increase in sibling bickering


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My son Trenton’s three favorite ways to spend one-on-one time together are:

  • Going on a bike ride together
  • Having a water gun or water balloon fight
  • Playing catch in the backyard or at the park


What do you like to do with your son?


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