Go From Angry Mom to Calm Mom: FREE Video Series

Go From Angry Mom to Calm Mom: FREE Video Series

Go From Angry Mom to Calm Mom: FREE Video Series

My temper used to get the better of me. It was usually the culmination of several days of having a messy house, cranky kids, being too busy, screaming, jumping and loud playing, and not having time to myself. I was on edge all the time until finally, everything I was carefully holding in… erupted.


I would take it out on my kids and watch as their faces fell in sadness or left them in tears.


At night, I’d put them to bed and sit in my room feeling like a failure as a Mom. I felt completely dejected that I couldn’t control my anger and lashed out at the people I loved the most. I felt like I was slowly loosing my connection with my own kids because I couldn’t control my emotions.


Do you sometimes feel like this too? 


Anger is a vicious cycle to be stuck in. When big emotions strike – even though we can see how it impacts our families and kids – sometimes sheer willpower alone cannot make it stop.


We apologize but go to bed racked with guilt and promise to do better tomorrow. And with the best of intentions, our day may begin well, but veers off course when something triggers us. This perpetual cycle happens again and again until we are ready to seek help and make big changes.


I was tired of yelling. I was tired of counting to three, or five or ten and getting nowhere. I was tired of feeling angry. I was tired of feeling like I was messing up my kids with my own inability to keep my emotions in check.


I knew that I couldn’t break the cycle on my own.






I hated the feelings of being overwhelmed, out of control, agitated, and seeing my kid’s defeated faces. I grew up in a house where both my parents yelled every day. I know what its like to be a child scared by the instability of angry adults.


I want nothing more than to create a positive home for my children, unlike the one I had growing up. Being an unstable and angry Mom wasn’t part of that equation.


Building a healthy relationship with each of my children doesn’t include modeling out-of-control behavior. I don’t want my children to be afraid to tell me things and I don’t want them to see my bad behavior as an acceptable way to express their own emotions.


All of these reasons finally helped me make the decision to take Amanda from Dirt & Boogers’ class – Mama’s Anger Management (doors open March 27th, close on April 9th and the class begins April 10th.) 


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 Help to Go From an Angry Mom to a Calm Mom


I was desperate to change my habits and finally learn to control my emotions. Amanda who is a Mental Health Therapist is also a recovering yeller herself. She understands what you’re feeling and how to *really* help you become a recovering yeller yourself.


I can tell you, Mama’s Anger Management is the best resource I found after many late nights Internet searches for help. After my own sheer willpower to change wasn’t the right remedy, this finally was.



The most significant thing I took away from the class was learning to pinpoint the triggers that caused me to come unglued. That may sound simple task, but there is a process to peeling back the layers to get to the root cause of our behavior. I know I was surprised by what was *actually* pushing my buttons.


Now I know that my triggers are sensitivity to noise, clutter and mess are huge stressors, and being late (One of my kids is always a slow poke getting ready and out the door to anything.)


Now that I understand what makes me angry – and knowing that it isn’t the way my children act or their misbehavior – I have the tools to cope and calm down before I am overcome with emotion.



The anger management strategies that work best for me are exercise, reading, taking a bath or a hot shower, cleaning the house and getting outside for fresh air. I know that when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed or anxious, I can use one of the anger management strategies I’ve learned to clear my mind and restore balance.


As an introvert, I desperately need time by myself every day so this is important if I’m feeling overwhelmed, to being more at peace inside. Two of my kids play well by themselves, and our third is slowly improving. When the kids are occupied with a 20-minute activity, I can take a short break to be alone and keep my emotions in check.


Help for the Angry Mom who Wants to be a Calm Mom

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The best part of Amanda’s course is that it’s Self-Paced and you have Lifetime Access. Life gets busy so a self-paced class is great to really dig in when you can and move at your own pace.


The course is built to be finished over the course of four weeks and includes 15 daily emails, 12 worksheets, videos, and depending on the level you choose, access to a private Facebook Group, personal access to Amanda and a copy of her book, How to be a Happy Mom.


Lifetime access is helpful to a Mama sorting out her anger because even though you may stop yelling after completing this course, sometimes we slip back into bad habits. Life happens and having the ability to reach out again for help to get back on track is invaluable. I know that I just went back to the course to refresh and it’s been tremendously helpful in getting back on track after a long winter break with three kids at home.


If you want to take the course with me, Sign up first for the FREE video series here and then register for the course when doors open March 27th if you think this is the course that will take you from Angry Mom to Calm Mom.


Here are some more details on what you’ll get with the course.

  • Discover what’s behind your anger. 
  • Learn to calm down when emotions are high.
  • Harness the power of a well said apology.
  • Learn how to stop exploding at your children in anger.
  • Find joy and peace throughout your daily life with kids.
  • Build a calmer happier home with your family.

The course begins on April 10th, so make sure you register before it closes on April 9th.  


If you are a Mom who is struggling with controlling your anger, are unhappy with how you react, want to learn better ways to be a more calm and happy Mom, please take care of yourself so you can take care of your family.


Parents go to great lengths for their kids but we’re all imperfect in our journey of motherhood. We want to have healthy relationships with our kids and partners, but we have to take care of ourselves to be the person we want to be – for ourselves and for the people that matter the most to us.


If you have any questions about the course, you can check out the details here or email me at corinne@livingandlifedesigned.com and I’ll find out the answers for you.



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I’m Corinne, a Mom to three active little kids, including twins. I love coffee at any time of the day, believe afternoon naps are essential, am working hard at creating a meditation practice and filing our family life with experiences, not things.