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I’m a Mom. A Wife. A Dog Mom. Blogger. Freelancer. Writer. Coffee Enthusiast. Mediocre Cook. Terrible Baker. To-do List Master. Wannabe Minimalist, and Beach and Flip Flop Wearing…

I’m a Mom. A Wife. A Dog Mom. Blogger. Freelancer. Writer. Coffee Enthusiast. Mediocre Cook. Terrible Baker. To-do List Master. Wannabe Minimalist, and Beach and Flip Flop Wearing California Girl Living in Snowy Colorado.


My kids are five (twins, Trenton and Juliette) and two (Taylor.) We have two dogs that I coddled like babies before I actually had real babies and now they have bad habits like sleeping on the bed and thinking they’re 90lb lapdogs. I practically have five kids, not counting my husband when he’s sick. (We all know what men are like sick, don’t we ladies?) 


I love being a Stay at Home Mom but also enjoy freelancing and working on the side. However, after a couple years of trying to right a balance and “have it all,” I found myself experiencing Mom burnout and unhappiness in motherhood.


Seeing that I needed a change – for myself and my family – I’m now on a purposeful journey to live an abundant, wholehearted and positive life.

Raising my awesome children in a meaningful way and being a positive influence in their lives is what leads me on my journey to being a good parent and living in a way that is rich in purpose.




Here’s my story. I didn’t have a loving nor positive childhood so I know what it feels like to be lonely, lacking confidence and growing up without a positive sense of self. Negative thoughts about yourself are destructive and take years of intentional work to change.


What I do know about the journey of parenting; it doesn’t and should never involve shaming, yelling, scolding, hitting, and hurtful words.

It’s incredibly difficult to break the cycle of what you know from your parents, about being a parent. I used to yell at my kids and would get really angry, but once I realized my triggers, I found ways to prepare and calm down. When you’re madly in love with your kids, all you want to do is empower and raise them up to be courageous and with fire in their hearts.


The way we parent is a choice. How we talk and treat each other – our family, our children, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbors and anyone we meet – is a choice. Everyday is a choice.




It is normal to feel like you’re failing.
It’s normal to question everything you’re doing as wrong or not working.
It’s normal to having feelings of being burnout on motherhood.
It’s normal to be insanely in love and then being frustrated and irritated with your kids the next.
It’s normal to cry at night and be racked with guilt.
It’s normal to want alone time when you’re an Introverted Mom but helpless because you don’t have it.
It’s normal to look at pictures of your kids and feel your heart want to burst.
It’s normal to laugh at the insane reason your kid just had a tantrum.
It’s normal to search Google and Pinterest for “how to __________,” every single day.
It’s normal to think you’re screwing up your kid. But you aren’t.


You’re a good Mom.
You’re a good Dad.
You’re a good Parent.
You’re trying your best.
You love your child.
There is no manual for being a parent.
We’re all in this together. This parenthood thing. This life thing.
Choose kindness, choose patience, choose to be positive.
Raise each other up.



This is not a site for “controversial” topics such as breastfeeding and vaccinations. I support the choice you make for your family and your children. Those choices you make are between you and your doctor and your family.

Parenting is hard enough, there are so many different opinions as to what is “right” but how you parent is always a matter of choice. This isn’t a place to bash or bicker with others who feel one way or another. This site offers helpful and smart information so you can take what you want from it, apply it to your own family and situation and share your wins.


I’d love to connect with you. Feel free to email me anytime at corinne @ livingandlifedesigned (dot) com.   Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for weekly parenting tips.



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I’m Corinne, a Mom to three active little kids, including twins. I love coffee at any time of the day, believe afternoon naps are essential, am working hard at creating a meditation practice and filing our family life with experiences, not things.